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Welcome to our Creactstudios Website. As a team of two indiegame developers we create, design and develop games, applications and software. Due to our experience and practical knowledge we gained by in-house productions and external assignments we offer you professional and innovative solutions for software, games, sounds and music.

About us
We are Simon and Marc from Karlsruhe in Germany. While playing in a band together we discovered our common interest in creating games and we found out that our the interface between design, code and music works very well! We worked together on a couple of different games, we participated in amazing GameJams. On the bottom of the page you can find all the projects we did.

Our newest project is the App Hotspots which is a game you can play with your friends outside and with your own body as character of the game. Combinated with skills and visibility rounds it is kind of a hide and seek game which takes place in the city you live in.

At the weekend from the 31.01.2020 to the 02.02.2020 we took part at the great Global Game Jam 2020 in Karlsruhe. By the given theme which was "repair" we created a game where you are the therapist of anestranged couple and by choosing the right questions you have to repair their relationship and maybe repair even more...
Try it out: Couples Therapy
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Italian Trulli

platformer rpg

NEW: HotSpots
competetive reallife strategy

physic based
multiplayer racing

Cube Racer
multiplayer racing


Couples Therapy
Game Jam 2020

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