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✱ Welcome
Welcome to our Creactstudios Website. As a team of two indiegame developers we create, design and develop games, applications and software. Due to our experience and practical knowledge we gained by in-house productions and external assignments we offer you professional and innovative solutions for software, games, sounds and music.

✱ About us
We are Simon and Marc from Karlsruhe in Germany. While playing in a band together we discovered our common interest in creating games and we found out that our the interface between design, code and music works very well! We worked together on a couple of different games, we participated in amazing GameJams. On the bottom of the page you can find all the projects we did.

✱ News
Soon there will be a new game announcement so stay tuned!

Italian Trulli

✪ platformer ✪ rpg

NEW: HotSpots
✪ competetive reallife strategy

✪ physic based
✪ multiplayer racing

Cube Racer
✪ multiplayer racing ✪ horns

✪ strategy

Couples Therapy
✪ Game Jam 2020

Creact - The Game
✪ Game Jam 2018