Can you maneuver a rocket perfectly by steering all thruster seperately?

Thank god you landed here. Captain Frank and Dr. Eberhards business is about to collapse. Their only chance is to fly the space-marathon and prove their rockets and pilots, increasing the worth of the rockets drasticly. Are you capable of flying Franks rocket through all four planets? It won't be easy, you need the calmest fingers in the universe, to actuate every thruster precisely enough to overcome all the challenges waiting for Captain Frank!
This game is played like no other game. Your very own fingers each control every thruster of the rockets individually. Learn to actuate all thrusters smoothly and nicely to balance the rocket, or even fly bold maneuvers to reach the finish platform. Whilst doing so make sure to care about three important aspects, to maintain and increase the worth of your rocket.
Speed, Health, Fuel.
Maximize your flight skills to maximize the worth of your rocket, enabling Frank and Dr. Eberhard to maintain their business.

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