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Hotspots Rush is played outside using the GPS of your mobile phone to combine clever strategy with a thrilling real life sport event.

The Hider team runs from the Catcher team while trying to capture various Hotspots distributed all over the city. But be aware, as the Catchers can see every 6 minutes the exact locations of the Hiders. Each player of both teams has his own special ability, to either outsmart the Catchers, or to surprise the Hiders and wait for them at the right corner at the right time.


There are the two temas Hiders and Catchers. The Hiders have to capture enough Hotspots to win, before getting caught by the Catchers.


The game is played in every city or village or forest or field.
The Hotspots are being generated randomly all over the map


On top of all that action every player his own special ability he can choose and use in the game.


Here are some replays of current games. Maybe you take part at the next session! hi

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