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Cube Racer

Cube Racer is a round based multiplayer racing game with cubes. Every round, all players race against each other to the finish line. Before every round, the players get to build one or more obstacles on the map. In the next round, all players have to pass all the obstacles, which have been built yet.

So basically, the game is designed to be a fun multiplayer game. You race against your friends or other players, to finish as fast as possible and score as much points as possible. But instead of giving the winning player an advantage for the following rounds, like it is done in many other games, all players have the same conditions every round, as all players are racing on the same map, with the same obstacles. Besides of the racing, all players extend the map continuously, as every player can build obstacles, boosters or potential deadly objects on the end of each round. This way, the map gets more difficult or easier, but surely more interesting. It's totally up to you! To win in the end, you must collect the most points by scoring as good as possible in every round, outsmarting your opponents with your obstacles and your racing skill.